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Australian Whisky

Our faith in the local industry has been vindicated by a long list of industry awards, trophies and accolades in International Spirits Competitions. We were excited about Australian whisky many years ago and wrote a guide to promote our home-grown talent. Click here to learn more. From Tasmania's Sullivan's Cove, Larks and Hellyer's Road, to mainland producers like Bakery Hill, Black Gate and Starward, we continue to stock a wide range of Aussie whiskies as well as sourcing rare and hard-to-find limited editions. Follow the Australian Whisky trail with us.

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As you can tell, we love Aussie Whiskies!

With a selection of Scotch whiskies that far outnumbers whiskies produced elsewhere, we've occasionally been accused of being parochial. However, for some time we've extolled the virtues of world whiskies, in particular, Australian whisky. Australian Single Malts are now some of the most purchased wood-aged spirits on our shelves with several Tasmanian whiskies even falling under the categories of "rare" and "collectable". The Australian Whisky Renaissance is here. Australia has a long and proud tradition of grain farming, winemaking and coopering, but little tradition of making whisky. And while beer has been an enormous part of Australia's drinking culture for well over a century, whisky has not - despite the fact that the primary ingredient of beer is also malted barley. It's no wonder that when Bill Lark started asking why Tasmania wasn't making whisky (being so perfectly suited to the task), his questions started a chain reaction that's showed no signs of losing momentum. More distilleries are now operating in Australia than any other time with license requests increasing every year. The diversity of styles is driven by passionate enthusiasts who are not bound by tradition and are inclined to experiment. Apart from single malts, there's Moonshine, Rye and Bourbon inspired styles to explore with maturations in a wide variety of cask types. Buy Australian Whisky online. As new producers pop up Nicks Wine Merchants continue to taste and rate many of the whiskies before you do, meaning we help take the guesswork out of your online purchase. Subscribe to our Spirits and Liqueurs Email Newsletter to keep up to date with new arrivals, whisky tastings, special offers and more.