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Bourbon, Rye and Tennessee remain the major sellers in American whiskey. The 'big three' have grown significantly in the last decade, partly due to a renewed interest in cocktail classics for which these spirits form the base. Smaller categories include White Dog, Moonshine, Craft Spirits and collectables like Rare Van Winkles, Jack Daniels limited editions & more. We boast the largest range of American Whiskey online in Australia. Buy online and get delivery to most areas of Australia. Click here to learn more about American Whiskey and subscribe to our Spirits and Liqueurs Email Newsletter to keep up to date with new arrivals, special offers and more.

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Bourbon remains the cornerstone of the American whiskey industry. By law, both Bourbon (and Tennessee) whiskeys must be a minimum of 51% corn. Likewise, to be declared 'Rye' the mash bill must be at least 51% rye. Other grains like barley or wheat make up the shortfall. Regulations for maturation are simple yet strict - the new spirit must be aged in new charred oak barrels. Tennessee whiskey has an additional stipulation: It has to be filtered through charcoal before entering the barrels. Otherwise it's produced in an identical fashion to Bourbon. Other categories include White Dog, Moonshine and single malt American whiskey. The robust, full flavoured nature of most American spirits makes them compelling straight up, as well as a preference in a wide range of whiskey-based cocktails.

American Whiskey is growing in popularity.

Scotch whisky may be American whiskey's inspiration for long-term revival. The steady growth in sales of Scotch single malt and high-quality blended Scotch whiskies has not gone unnoticed in the States. Almost all of the Kentucky and Tennessee whiskey distilleries are now marketing high-end "single cask", "small batch" and older age statement whiskies that have found great success among upscale consumers. The United States may yet, in the words of one commentator, "turn away from foreign potions and return to its native spirit." 

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You name it, we've got it. In addition to some familiar favourites, we endeavour to offer coverage of the American micro distilling renaissance. These include innovative craft-producers experimenting with quinoa, buckwheat, spelt, original smoking methods and virgin casks.

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