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After nearly century-long prohibition, Absinthe has seen a resurgence after recent de-restriction in much of Europe. That trend has followed abroad. Yet, even though the ban was lifted in the early 2000s, really interesting examples have remained elusive. We have continued to source a number of high quality absinthes from both Switzerland and France. Unfortunately most items are still in small volumes only, so if you’re an enthusiast, it’s worth your while to check the full list now. When you buy absinthe online you can have it shipped to most areas of Australia.
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Where absinthe liquor found its roots...

The history of absinthe is characterised by the peaks of fame and the troughs of infamy. With its origins dating back centuries, this unique elixir was originally created using local herbs and Artemisia absinthium, otherwise known as wormwood, and was thought to be so powerful that it could cure a range of conditions and diseases. However, just as quickly as it became the drink of choice for high flying socialites, writers, intellectuals and artists, it turned into a socially unacceptable concoction. After several drinkers were reported to have behaved violently, absinthe liquor suffered a demise where for decades it was made illegal in most of the western world. It wasn’t until the early 2000s when the ban was lifted and distilleries began once again making the liquor.

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