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Sparkling Reds

Regardless of the variety, Australian wines are invariably measured against benchmarks, usually based on ‘old world’ wine styles. However, there is one style of wine where the French missed their chance, and even though Australia pinched the idea from them, the difference is that Australia got it right. Our distinctive sparkling reds are a sheer delight.

In the 1970’s, examples like ‘Cold Duck’ had a reputation as the favourite of ladies of ‘easy virtue’ (and also of girls who were inclined to wish that their own virtue was not quite so difficult). Mercifully the fad self-destroyed, but in the process very nearly took Australian sparkling "burgundy", as it was then known, with it. Since then, Australian winemaker’s passion for the style has evolved into a more serious affair.

Australia has made a definitive stamp on the wine world with our own robust examples typically made using Shiraz. Bold Sparkling reds from the Barossa and Central Victoria now exemplify the style, offering deep crimson coloured wines with creamy mousse and luxurious fruit flavours. The best examples can be aged for over a decade. Always served chilled, Aussie Sparkling Reds have become a tradition at the Christmas dinner table for many families. When you buy Sparkling reds online at www.nicks.com.au, you can get it shipped Australia wide free of charge for orders over $200.