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No one goes further than Nicks Wine Merchants when it comes to sourcing and stocking the widest selections from every spirits category. Our focus remains on Whisky, however Rum, Gin, Tequila and Liqueurs come in at a close second. All in all, unquestionably the biggest range of Spirits & Liqueurs in Australia - and probably the Southern Hemisphere. If you can't find it here, call us on 1800 069 295 and we'll try to source it. Subscribe to our Spirits and Liqueurs Email Newsletter to keep up to date with new arrivals, tastings, special offers and more.

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We Taste & Rate many of the Spirits & Liqueurs before you do.

We've always stood out as one of the few retailers to review wines and make our own call on quality and value for money. Part of our ongoing journey has been coming to terms with the qualitative differences between spirits. Put simply, what makes for a great whisky or a bad vodka? In 2009 we began developing an accountable working model for the evaluation of all spirit types based on the existing parent system, www.winespider.com. We also endeavour to source reviews from reputable critics to further guide you in your selections.

Buy Spirits online at Nicks and get them delivered to most areas of Australia.

Adults often say they feel like 'kids in a candy shop' when they walk through our doors. Unfortunately not every one is able to travel out to our Melbourne based-shop. Thankfully, whether it's a single bottle of bitters or you're restocking your entire bar, Nicks Wine Merchants can deliver to hard-to-find spirits and liqueurs to your door.