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Flavoured Vodka

Flavoured Vodkas have been produced for centuries. Initially, extra ingredients were added to mask the harsh taste of rough cuts in early distillates. Nowadays flavouring vodka is a mark of the distiller's skill. The best examples offer a pure, non-confected representation of the key note flavour - not so easily achieved, as many fall into the 'too sweet' trap. Flavoured vodkas are now in vogue with several celebrity affiliated brands leaving a mark on popular culture. Their convenience and versatility as mixers means there's a steady demand, and the flavour range currently available is better than ever. Click here to learn more about Vodka.

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From traditional European Flavoured Vodkas...

The Russians and Poles in particular market dozens of flavoured vodkas. Some of the better known types are "Kubanskaya", dried lemon and orange peels. "Limonnaya"- Lemon-flavoured. "Okhotnichya"- Hunter's Vodka, often with a mix of ginger, cloves, lemon peel, coffee, anise and other herbs and spices. "Pertsovka"- Pepper-flavored Vodka, made with both black peppercorns and/or red chilli peppers. "Starka" or "Old" Vodka, a holdover from the early centuries of Vodka production, which can be infused with everything from fruit tree leaves to brandy, Port, Malaga wine, and dried fruit. Some are aged in oak casks. Then there's more familiar brands like Zubrovka, flavoured with buffalo (or more properly "bison") grass, an aromatic plant enjoyed by the herds of the rare European bison.

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Now a vast array of non-traditional flavours are available to the vodka producer. Some infuse horseradish, toffee, feijoa fruit, peanut butter, espresso and even marmalade! The results can be amazing.

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