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Canadian Whisky

Famous examples of Canadian Whisky include Crown Royal & Canadian Club, but the North American scene is more exciting than that. Look out for cask strength, single barrel and single malt bottlings too. The new Canadian profile is complex and sometimes surprisingly full bodied, while retaining the key notes of vanilla wafer, caramel, peach, honeyed oak and the silky texture that's traditionally associated with this style.

Canadian Whisky is more than just for mixing.

Canadian whisky has held its ground as sales keep apace with its Kentucky cousins, a fact largely credited to the mixability of many of the larger Canadian brands. However, distillers are moving with the rest of world in diversifying and rethinking the category. Beyond Canadian Club there's a wealth of high end ryes, blends and extended age whiskies now commanding attention. North American whisky took a huge leap forward when in 2017, renowned whisky writer, Jim Murray awarded a 90% Canadian Rye "World's Best Whisky".

The North American whisky style.

A little rye goes a long way in a mash bill, and while most Canadian distillers also use corn, wheat, and other grains, Canadians refer to their whisky as "Rye". There are no Canadian government requirements when it comes to the percentages of grains used in the mash bill. Most of the mass marketed Canadian Whisky brands are a mix of corn, wheat, and barley, with only a modest proportion of rye. The result is a flavoursome but lighter-bodied, easy-drinking spirit.

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