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Indian Whisky

Like other upstart whisky industries, India faced difficulties convincing consumers to try a locally produced product. Most believed that a good single malt could not be produced in India. To deal with the understandable prejudice, early strategies targeted international markets, that would then, in theory, go on to ignite local demand given positive feedback. Companies like Amrut passed the test in the toughest location: Scotland, the home of Whisky, where they garnered fantastic praise early in the game. Others, like Paul John and Rampur have followed with impressive ratings from whisky writer, Jim Murray. Typically big-boned, full throttle styles, the Indian Single Malt category promises some of the most exciting young whiskies on our shelves.
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Indian Whisky breaks with Tradition.

The present situation we're witnessing in India is in some ways akin to the early Japanese whisky industry. It remains a work in progress, and there are good reasons why it's taken decades to get this far. "You have seen and understand India," a local observed to one visitor who recently toured Amrut. "We need grain to feed people. Whisky is not important and rightly it's not a priority. We use what we have." He was indirectly referring to the vague and permissive laws which historically, saw almost 90% of Indian spirit produced from molasses. Blended malt styles often contained as little as 4% actual malt whisky. Serious producers like Amrut and Paul John are now aiming at export markets with the highest quality products in mind.

Young whiskies that mature fast.

The hot weather makes whisky mature faster in India than it does in Europe or the United States. The fraction lost to evaporation during ageing, known as the angels' share, is also higher in India, at 11–12%, as opposed to Scotland, where the annual evaporative loss is about 2%. Despite the youthful nature of most Indian whisky, a steady stream of awards have been left in their wake.

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