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A quintessential refresher with tonic and also the base of a huge number of cocktails, the popularity of this remarkably versatile spirit continues to grow. A predominant aroma and flavour of juniper is key to gin, the rest of the ingredients and the methods of production aren't regulated. Which is where things get really interesting... Nicks Wine Merchants is the place in Australia to buy gin online. We import many lines directly and stock everything from the latest trending classifications to the finest Australian Gins. Undeniably the largest selection of Gin in Australia. Click here to learn more about Gin or subscribe to our Spirits and Liqueurs Email Newsletter to keep up to date with new arrivals, tastings, special offers and more.

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We're serious about gin.

Distilleries both small and large from every continent on earth can now lay claim to a Gin. You could be cynical and suggest it's merely to maintain cash flow while more 'serious' barrel aged spirits mature. Gin is easy and cheap. After all, it's just flavoured vodka at the end of the day, right? That line of thinking misrepresents all this spirit can be in the hands of visionaries and fanatics. The freshest botanicals in high quality alcohol result in an exotic amalgam of accents and supporting notes that no white spirit can match. Perfumed complexity and bracing intensity are not the characteristics of every gin we taste - hence, it can't be that easy to achieve. From Navy Strength to organic to sloe gin, browse our range today. A long departure from the once "fuddy-duddy" association of the genre, Vickers, Gordon's and other ubiquitous brands are threatened to be swallowed in a giant yawn by the progressive, quality-savvy new-gin devotee. Trending classifications such as 'New Western' style (juniper evident but not dominant) are gaining prominence as are the use of indigenous botanicals and varied spirit bases, including non-grain. Barrel ageing is also gaining momentum. The vast improvement in quality has resulted in texture rich, neat/sipping friendly spirits. Yet, the traditional English and Dutch styles remain more relevant than ever in honouring the cocktail classics. Learn more today... Click here to learn more about Gin, alternatively, browse our wide range of spirits, wines and more online today. When you buy from us, you'll find the biggest and best selection, from barrel-aged or sloe gin to organic options and a diverse array of brand names. We also taste and rate many of the gins to further guide you in your purchase.