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Bluecoat American Dry Gin (700ml)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES
$109. 99
$1319.88 Dozen
ABV: 47%
Tasting note: Brilliant rain water clear appearance with a silvery blush. Presents an intriguing aroma offering juniper, baked citrus and potpourri on the one hand, alternating with a sweeter and more unusual aspect that includes almond and jaffa-like notes. A light, mildly oily entry leads into a medium dry, peppery profile that's almost vodka-like with featherweight flavours of juniper and citrus, concluding delicately lemony, peppery, warm, lean and dry; traces of almond in the aftertaste. 47% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... Named after the Bluecoat militia that fought the American War of Independence, botanicals including organic juniper berries, American citrus peels, coriander and angelica root are distilled with third-party sourced grain neutral spirit in a copper pot still made in Scotland by Forsyths of Rothes. The cobalt blue bottles have distinctive etched detailing and gold lettering: each is filled by hand and sealed with a cork stopper.Appearance: Clear and transparent. Aroma: Clean, juniper and fresh coriander nose with alpine fresh piny, lemony aromas. Taste: Soft, very slightly sweet, peppermint fresh cleansing palate with pine, zesty lemony and liquorice. The high strength adds black pepper spirity notes. Aftertaste: Lemony, pine fresh finish with lingering sage, naan bread and black pepper flavours.
4.5 stars - www.diffordsguide.com