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Nicks Wine Merchants offer a selection of Italian white wines which you can buy online and have shipped to most of Australia. Our focus here is on value for money, fresher styled dry whites. If there's a wine you're looking for that's not listed, call us on 1800 069 295 and we'll try to find it for you. A general guide to Italian wines has been produced here to help you in your choice.
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Many decades ago, Australians were slowly becoming acquainted with mass produced Italian wines that reflected high yields and generally inferior-quality. They were the Lambruscos, Frascatis, Spumantes and Soaves synonymous with cheap & cheerful Italian restaurants. Since the industry has been modernised, the range and (more importantly) the quality of Italian wines has developed exponentially. The very best examples combine distinct regionality with contemporary winemaking flair. Frequently leading the way are small grower-producers at the high end of the passion scale. Nicks Wine Merchants continue to offer a selection of Italian wines as well as traditional liqueurs & aperitifs which you can buy online and have shipped to most areas of Australia.