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Unaged, colourless and feather-light on aroma and taste, Vodka has achieved a phenomenal global following, transcending its rustic roots to become the world's most popular alcoholic drink. Versatility as a mixer has been key to its success. Look beyond the mass marketed brands for the real excitement in this category, including vodkas from non-traditional producers like Australia, France and the United Kingdom. We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of vodka online, and you can have them shipped to most areas of Australia. Click here to learn more about Vodka.

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Choosing the right vodka when you buy online.

There's rye, corn, potato, wheat and grape-based vodkas as well as a selection of luxury lines and flavoured expressions. But the price of a vodka doesn't necessarily reflect its quality, which ultimately lies in the type of raw materials used, the method and care taken during distillation and the quality and technique of filtering. Marketing costs often exceed production costs many times over, so that less expensive brands that bypass extravagant presentation can offer excellent value. At the same time, cheap mass produced brands might be passable in heavily mixed drinks, but make for mediocre Martinis.

Isn't all vodka much the same?

Most vodkas are inherently light on aroma and flavour (differentials which distinguish other spirits like whiskies, gins or rums for example), so ingrained into the very nature of vodka is a conundrum that's created the need for big brands to constantly reinforce image. However, clearly all vodkas don't taste alike, otherwise there'd be no reason to favour a $70 bottle over a $25 bottle. Each brand has a unique, though subtle, aroma, taste and burn. Look for some of the more common aromas and flavours like wheat, dough, pastry, cream, vanilla, talc, mineral water, icing sugar, marsh mellow, confectionary, citrus, dried fruits, spice and pepper to name a few. Charcoal filtration can add a mildly sweet, sooty quality. Quartz filtration can lend a minerality to the spirit. Add mouthfeel to the equation and you'll begin to appreciate the subtle differences that define vodka brands.

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Whether it's for making Martinis, Bloody Marys or a myriad of other cocktails, quality vodka remains a bar essential. When you buy vodka online from Nicks Wine Merchants, you can have it shipped to most areas of Australia. Subscribe to our Spirits and Liqueurs Email Newsletter to keep up to date with new arrivals, tastings, special offers and more.