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1. Shopping Online 

The Nicks Wine Merchants website includes an extensive array of local and international Wines, Spirits, Liqueurs and wine accessories available for purchase.  Most products are reviewed by Nicks Wine Merchants and posted on the site constantly. To find products you are interested in you will need to browse or search for the items. The keyword search box is located at the top centre of every page in the site. This search box enables very flexible searches, for example entering the search term "02 barossa shiraz" will display all of the 2002 Barossa Valley Shiraz listed on the site. The more specific your search terms, the more specific the search results will be. Alternatively you can select categories  from the navigation menu on the top of every page (desktop view), or access the menu symbol located at the top left when using a mobile device. Both menus offer direct links to the various shopping categories available for browsing. You can view your search results three different ways:

a) Grid view - which gives you an visual overview of the products. 
b) Condensed listing view - handy if you're wading through an extensive list of products.
c) Full view - offers all of the above information, including tasting notes when available.

On these pages you can further sort results via "Producer", "Price", "Rating" and "Newest" by using the 'Sort by' drop down menu located at the top of the search results. Filters down the left hand side of the page in desktop view allow for more search parameters.

Some other useful features designed to enhance your shopping experience include:

Once click shopping. Simply fill on the required number of bottles you's like in a quantity field and hit the Add button. A confirmation message will appear without requiring you to leave the page.

What's Hot.  An extended list of Nicks Wine Merchants most highly rated products which are currently available.

What's New. Everything that's new from every category is posted in What's New. This section is generally added to weekly and keeps one abreast of new arrivals onto the market from Australia and overseas.

Gift Cards and Gift Shop. You can purchase and send electronic gift cards. The Gift Shop section also features a selection of both popular and unusual gifts including seasonal pre-packaged items.

Free Nicks Wine Merchants Newsletters. The Nicks Newsletters keeps you up to date with the best new releases from Australia and around the world. You can subscribe to the following newsletters:

a. Weekly Wine Email Newsletter.
b. Rare & Limited Offers Email Newsletter (mainly imports)
c. Spirits & Liqueurs Email Newsletter

You can subscribe to the newsletters online by clicking the "Newsletter" links above or at the top of each page. Alternatively, if you would prefer, simply advise us of your details via phone or email.

Adding items to Your Shopping Cart

Once you've found an item you wish to order, fill in the quantity field and click the red "Add" button which appears beneath an item's details.  To confirm your addition, the mini shopping cart on the top right of the page will drop down and display the most recently added products in your cart, then retreat back. You can access the contents of your shopping cart at any time by clicking the red "Cart" button at the top of every page of the site.

Proceeding to the Checkout

Once you've finished selecting the product(s) you would like to purchase click on the red button labelled 'Checkout', located at the top right corner of every page. From here you can proceed to the full cart and review all the prodcuts you have added, add others to your wishlist or remove unwanted items. You can either continue shopping or move through to the Checkout to complete your purchase. After pausing to review all of the items you've placed in your Cart, if you decide that you don't want to purchase a particular item right away, click the "remove" button next to the products title. When you're ready to place an order for everything in the Shopping Basket click the red "checkout" button.

Here you will be prompted to login into your account, create a new one, or simply checkout as a guest and not create an account.
An account allows us to recall your billing and delivery details without your entering them in for every order. These details are held in the utmost confidentiality. We do not hold your credit card details. An account also gives you access to your order history, wishlists, store credits, product reviews and other information.

Alternatively, If you wish to place an order without keeping any of your details on file select the option "Checkout as a guest".

Completing the Order Form

At the top of the Order Form page, the contents of your shopping basket remain displayed for your reference. Follow the ordering process through to the final stage.

a.  Tell us your contact details, billing address and method of payment. We accept Paypal, American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Bank Transfer. All orders must be prepaid.

b. Tell us where you would like us to deliver your order (or if you'd prefer to collect it from our store).

If your delivery details are the same as your billing details check the appropriate box to save re-entry.

c.  Complete the other options section.

- Tell us of any special instructions which will facilitate efficient delivery.
   E.g. If Not Home instructions: Leave by front door.
- If Insurance Is required on your order check the appropriate box.
- Advise if gift wrapping is required and of any gift message.
- If you require a confirmation email to be sent to you upon receipt of your order check the appropriate box.

d. Click the 'Continue" Button.

Review and Submit Your Order

Check the accuracy all of the information you provided. If any adjustments are necessary make the changes now. When you are ready, click the "Place Your Order" button to submit your order. Once you place your order,  we'll send you a confirmation e-mail message. If you wish to check your order status, please contact us and we'll track your delivery.

2. Log  In / My Account

Next time you decide to order, logging in with your email and password allows us to recall your billing and delivery details without your entering them in for every order. The Log In button is located at the top left of every page. These details can be edited and saved at any time via the My Account button, located next to the log in Button. You can log on at anytime, although, logging on upon arrival will streamline the ordering process by skipping a number of steps, saving you time. If you're not already a member you can set up an account by selecting the My Account button and registering all of your details. Creating an account also allows you to view previous orders, store credits, wish lists and product reviews.

3. Privacy Policy

Nicks Wine Merchants are committed to protecting your privacy. Your name or any information you provide via our web site will not be sold, rented or exchanged with any other organisation.  Nicks Wine Merchants utilizes current Internet security technology to encrypt order information being sent to us, ensuring that your orders remain secure. For more information, click here to view our Privacy Policy.

4. Wine Education, Resources & Articles

Via the "WINE & SPIRIT EDUCATION" links in the footer navigation at the bottom of every page, Nicks Wine Merchants offers a Free Online Wine Course, as well as a range of other articles.

5. Closures referenced throughout this site...

"Stelvin" means that the bottle has been sealed with a Stelvin Screw Cap as opposed to a cork or other closure. Scientific Research has now verified the use of Screw Caps (also called Stelvin Caps) for both red and white wines.  Researchers Allen Hart of Southcorp and Andrew Kleining of Tarac Technologies have prepared a report on "The Role of Oxygen in the Aging of Bottled Wine." They concluded:
"We have analysed both still and sparkling red wines held in bottle for up to twenty years to determine how the maturation process evolves with varying amounts of oxygen available to the wine. From this we have been able to demonstrate that red wine will continue to develop both with and without additional oxygen being available to the wine, however increased availability of oxygen greatly increases the rate at which a red wine will mature and hence shortens the drinking life of a wine."
In the end, the decision to cellar red wines with a screw cap will come down to how long one wishes to slow the aging process down. Whatever one's preference, there can be no question as to whether or not the wine will be corked!  

Zork Closures, Glass Stoppers, Diam corks and, of course, traditional corks are other forms of closure specified throughout the site.

6. Symbols Used throughout this site...

Hot Products

Products marked with the "Hot" Logo have been selected as the most complete & individual expressions of a given wine or spirit style, & the best value for money at their respective price points. These products are also compiled on the What's Hot page.

Direct Import

Products marked "Direct Import" refer to products imported directly by Nicks Wine Merchants. There are no wholesaler margins in the price, hence, these items are frequently amongst the best values in their respective categories.

Sold Out Products 

Where a product is marked SOLD OUT, this indicates that it is no longer available for sale.
The tasting notes and/or other information are still able to be viewed for historical purposes.