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While the creation of bitters dates back to ancient times, we doubt there's ever been more diversity in the category than right now. Aside from several well established brands, the trend is towards rediscovering long lost recipes and small batch experimentation. From traditional cocktail-essentials to chocolate, cinnamon, celery and chile flavoured sensations for the New-Age mixologist, we boast one of the largest ranges of aromatic bitters in Australia. Can't find it? Give us a call on 1800 069 295 and we'll try to track it down.
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A long tradition of Bitters.

The genesis of many early bitters formulas lay in the requirement for an elixir to combat ailments. Whether it's a wine or spirit that forms the base, the alcohol serves to function as a solvent for botanical extracts (typically gentian, quassia, wormwood, orange peel, etc.), as well as being a preservative. Following the early commercial success of medicinal bitters like Angostura, Orange Bitters was another development that bought bitters into the mainstream as a popular cocktail ingredient. Today, the bitters category also encapsulates traditional European styles like Cynar and Gammel Dansk, sometimes consumed after a meal or added to beer.

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