Akitasugi Cedar Gin (500ml)
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Akitasugi Cedar Gin (500ml)

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$995.88 Dozen
ABV: 46%

The powerfully scented Akitasugi Cedar Gin falls into the range of Conifer-driven gin bouquets, presenting with a drier, woody-juniper quality suggesting crushed pine shoots, pine sap and hints of new sawn soft woods. Well balanced at 46%, the pine and juniper-led profile is backed up by citrus and hints of damp cedar, finishing creamy-yet-fresh, peppery and well integrated with lingering pine and cool mint. This isn't overtly 'woody' as you might expect (cedar leaves are amongst the five botanicals), rather it naturally compliments the familiar conifer notes experienced via juniper in many other gins.

Other reviews... Akitasugi Gin is from Akitakenhakko Kogyo, developed as a partially-crowdfunded industry-academic-government project. It uses Akitasugi (cedar) leaves and five other botanicals. The refreshing "forest bathing" aroma is its signature, and the packaging is quite attractive... Akitasugi Gin is extremely fresh, and the first impression is the fantastic progression of the aroma. It noses of refreshing lemon, coriander seed, and cinnamon. On the tongue it’s soft and sweet, and well-balanced. It’s as though you’re taking a walk in a meadow just after the rain, or forest bathing, like a breath of nature itself. Cedar leaves had me thinking it would be a bit grassier or more raw, but that’s not the case. Take it straight or on the rocks, but putting it in a cocktail may be a waste. It’s a demonstration of the strength of Japanese craft gin. 89 points - Whisky Galore Vol.22 / October 2020

Gold Medal - Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition 2021