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Bols Corenwyn Genever (1000ml)

$94. 99
$1139.88 Dozen
ABV: 38%
Corenwyn is an alternative spelling of the generic 'kirenwijn', a high-malt Genever specialty. The style, 'corenwyn' translates as 'grain wine', referring to the high proportion of malt wine (at least 51%) used in the blend. Only Bols is permitted to use Corenwyn as a brand name because it was Lucas Bols himself who first created the drink back in 1575. Then, the term was reserved for the very finest distillations of grain. Today the spirit is distilled in copper pot stills in a four-stage process, the last of which has the spirit pass over juniper berries to extract flavour and aroma. Two years ageing in oak casks bestows a pale gold colour and a nutty, slightly fruity characteristic making for a fine aperitif, but also an excellent accompaniment to cold dishes (especially seafood). Corenwyn continues to be sold in traditional handmade stone jars. 38% Alc./Vol.