Blind Tiger Organic Mandarin Gin (700ml)
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Blind Tiger Organic Mandarin Gin (700ml)

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$839.88 Dozen
ABV: 42.7%

Organically grown “Dancy” and “Imperial” mandarins from the Riverland are the keynote in the latest addition to the Blind Tiger range. Getting the formula just right involved a balancing act. Fruit was peeled and kept in varietal batches. One third was soaked fresh overnight in organic spirit then distilled as a separate run. The remaining peel was air dried above the pot stills and then distilled in small batches. The drier Imperial mandarin distillates were blended together, as were the two Dancy distillates creating two different styles of mandarin concentrates. Selected amounts of both were then blended together with the six botanicals that make up Blind Tiger's London Dry. The resulting gin has a bouquet redolent of mandarin pith and peel, leaning into sharper piney juniper notes after air contact. That's repeated in a wonderfully creamy, round, mouth-filling delivery where the citrus oils take centre stage; Tangy peel and pepper add the perfect amount of zest and zing to the finish. Because the juniper is almost completely phased out, it's more like a curaçao than a gin. A novelty for afficionados, more of a treat for fans of citrus liqueurs. Serve neat over ice, with soda or tonic with a twist of orange peel or mandarin. 42.7% Alc./Vol.