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Anther Cherry Gin (700ml)

$95. 00
$1140.00 Dozen

Formally branded ARTEMIS, Anther's single-estate/seasonal limited edition is a take on the traditional Sloe style. Cherries are sourced from Simon Spreyton of Spreyton's orchards, a small family owned farm in Northern Tasmania. Their fruit is highly sought after in Asian markets where it commands a premium. Cherry season is between mid-December and mid-January, hence this release is annual. Production remains true to this distillery's garagiste approach - 200kg of cherries are stoned by hand (that's about 12,000 cherries!) then placed in holding tanks to macerate in gin. The vivid red liquid is then strained, diluted and a little sugar is added before bottling.

Tasting note: [27% ABV/Vol. tasted] Slightly cloudy ruby red. Retains a piney, cool mint, lemony freshness through the cherry glace, blackcurrant and dried cranberry notes making for an enticing combination. Creamy cherry nectar and cranberry juice flavours over hints of black pepper and pine with late citrus and herbal tea notes lifting the finish. Nicely done; would love to see it at higher. Expect a light sediment.