Doorly's 12 Year Old Rum (700ml)

$130. 00
$1560.00 Dozen
ABV: 43%
Launched in 2015, Doorly's 12 Year Old is considered by many to be the new top of the line for the brand. Previously exclusive to the Foursquare distillery 'cellar door' in Barbados, like others in the range, it comes in that classic bulbed, stumpy bottle featuring a bird on the label, this time it's a Spinx Macaw - thought to be extinct. The rum is a combination of pot and column still rums, approximately 90% of which was aged for twelve years in x Bourbon barrels, with the remainder matured for twelve years in Madeira casks before being blended together. The consensus is it's another solid result from the talented Richard Searle - the only downside being the ABV could have been a little higher.

Other reviews... In the bottle, the Doorly’s 12 has an inviting dark mahogany hue. The nose is subtle, primarily vanilla and oak. Much like the first sip of a fine Scotch, the Doorly’s 12 immediately lets you know you’re tasting something exceptional. Oak, vanilla, fruit, and spice are in ideal harmony -- all present but none dominating, and the finish lingers for quite a while. The finish is pleasing, dry and free of any sugar like you may find in many “premium” rums at a much higher price. The flavors continue to evolve the longer it spends breathing, so take your time with it. This is a rum that you’ll want to enjoy neat while pondering how you might sneak it into a fancy whiskey tasting lineup to see who you can fool. The only “complaint” is that this should be at a slightly higher proof." 90 points - distiller.com

What I like about Doorly’s 12 is that it is noticeably different to Rum Sixty Six. It is slightly drier, more oaked and not as sweet as that rum or the Port Cask Finish. It also should be noted the [fair] price of these rums.... If you are fan of Bajan style rum, then for me any offering from the Foursquare Distillery is well worth investing in. They simply do not make bad rum. This rum offers all the complexity a good aged rum should offer to the sipper. As usual it is expertly blended and it shows yet again that rum can be produced, which is “smooth” and doesn’t exhibit any notably strong alcohol notes, without loading it with sugar and other additives. 4.5 stars - thefatrumpirate.com

4.5 Stars - diffordsguide.com