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Green Fairy Absinth (Absinthe) 500ml

$69. 99
$839.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%
Closure: Cork

Absinthe (or Absinth) is an alcoholic drink made with the pounded leaves and flowering tops of one species of wormwood plant (Artemisia absinthium) together with other herbs such as angelica root, fennel, nettles, parsley, balm, sweet flag root and hyssop. Emerald green in colour and usually very bitter, Abisinthe is traditionally poured over a perforated spoonful of sugar into a glass of water – or vice versa. The drink then turns into an opaque white as the essential oils precipitate out of the alcoholic solution.

Tasting note: Pale turquoise colour with a water like hue. A flat, straightforward nose reveals mild aromas of spearmint confectionary and issues a tingling sensation within the nostrils. A trace of eucalypt is evident. Very concentrated, hot and prickly mouth feel covers the tongue with flavours of semi-sweet spearmint confectionary. Simple and one dimensional, the palate drys the mouth quickly leaving a green peppercorn like flavour. Short, spicy, drying, mint aftertaste with the tingling sensation persisting longer than the flavours. A very basic Absinthe. 40% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... Neon blue/green color; excellent purity. Opening inhalations encounter industrial alcohol aromas with bits and pieces of cardboard-like flavorings and nothing really botanical, meaning woodsy, root-like, or herbal; the second whiffs following additional time in the glass does turn up a few hints of things like mint and leaves, but not enough to be viable in a crowded field. Entry is gooey, syrupy, meagerly botantical, and a waste of my time; midpalate is industrial, absinthe-by-the-numbers, and poor. This producer doesn’t have the vaguest clue of what absinthe is or how it should smell, feel, and taste. Clueless.
Spirit Journal 2009 Rating: Not Recommended - spiritjournal.com