Brevans HR Giger Absinthe (500ml)

$135. 00
$1620.00 Dozen
ABV: 68%
Oliver Matter runs the Matter-Luginbuhl distillery in Kallanch, Switzerland where he produces a range of highly respected absinthe brands including Duplais, Mansinthe, Nouvelle Vague and the Brevans series. The latter are named after Jacques de Brevans, author of the “French Liqour Makers Manual”, one of the most important distillers' manuals of the 19th century.

This absinthe is actually based on a recipe found in the book and is co-joinly named in honour of the late, legendary Swiss surrealist artist, HR Giger, responsible for designing the Alien creatures and scenery in the Ridley Scott’ film, “Alien” of 1979.

Noted for its higher wormwood content, this is coloured with natural chlorophyll.

Other reviews… This pretty jade absinthe louches to shimmering opalescent, with a hint of sea-foam green. Relatively bold, the pungent anise scent is echoed on the palate, perked up by lively hints of fresh basil and lime peel. Finishes long and rounded, with an earthy Dutch licorice twang. 68% Alc./Vol.
94 points - www.wineenthusiast.com

This is an interesting offering. In my opinion, it is certainly at the mid-market level mostly because of the lack of anethole balance. The ingredients that are here are certainly of quality, and the execution seems to be very first rate. It's just the herb bill balances that keep this from doing any better with me. The bottle I'm reviewing is from December of 2007. For me, it showed best right around 5:1. I must say, though, that I'm glad to have this around. If anyone I'm showing absinthe to ever commented that they didn't know what pontica is like this might be one of the first I'd reach for. Hey, every absinthe on Earth needn't be the most hedonistic expression only suited to those pursuits. It's nice to have these somewhat idiosyncratic offerings that serve to educate, define the elements, and further refine palates and perceptive abilities. -- www.wormwoodsociety.org

4.5 Stars - www.diffordsguide.com