Brevans A Crowley Absinthe (500ml)

$145. 00
$1740.00 Dozen
ABV: 68%
A fascinating barrel-aged Absinthe, first distilled by Oliver Matter in 2011, and the third in the "Brevans" series. A good portion of cognac was added to the distillate before letting it rest for 3.5 years. Described as “A bombastic but beautifully woody and smoky elixir”, it makes for an appropriate homage to the occultist, poet and novelist, Aleister Crowley, who penned a famous essay on Absinthe - "The Green Goddess". He also dabbled in painting, so suitably, the label features a portrait of Gertrud Howe by the Beast himself.

Note: The natural ingredients may lead to sediment forming. 68% Alc./Vol.