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Butterfly Boston Absinthe (700ml)

$140. 00 Bottle
$1680.00 Dozen
ABV: 65%
An "American" style absinthe, this is modelled on a formula first produced in Boston by P.Dempsey & Company in the early 20th century. At the time, there were fields of wormwood throughout the Midwest and New England. Absinthe demand in America peaked in the early 1900s and regional distilleries sprung up in Boston, Chicago, Detroit, New York, New Orleans and San Francisco. Distillers used other ingredients that were easily sourced on their side of Atlantic, including mint and other herbs, creating a style both complex and uniquely American.

Composed from a wheat grain neutral spirit base, key ingredients in this contemporary rendition include wormwood, green anise and fennel with the colour naturally derived.

Tasting note: Attractive pale emerald green with watery edges. Fills the room with a perfume of fresh liquorice with the tingly spirit, becoming more herbal with exposure adding hints of sweet oregano, curry leaf and turmeric. Creamy entry leads into an intense, mildly prickly mid palate attack featuring fresh liquorice strap and juicy anise, rounded off with a drying, spicy, tingly, lingering liquorice fade. Anise bomb style but not overly sweet. 65% Alc./Vol.