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Jade Terminus Oxygenee Absinthe (700ml)

Saumur, Loire Valley, FRANCE
$199. 99
$2399.88 Dozen
ABV: 68%

The final in a series of historical recreations from contemporary absinthe master, Ted Breaux, produced at the Combier Distillery in France's picturesque Loire Valley. Beautifully presented with a label referencing Nikolai Tesla. The colour is a flawless emerald green. There is something special to the nose; whiffs of fresh alpine air amidst fennel, ripe juniper and anise keynotes; 3-4 minutes in the glass shifts the emphasis, hinting at pine sap, cut grass, lady's handbag, sweet spice and more... Undiluted it's intense, pleasingly bitter-sweet and well rounded with a juicy burst of anise and liquorice. Tingling, bordering on prickly, yet remarkably poised at 68% ABV. The spirit evaporates on the tongue. Ends dry, herbal, fresh, super long and invigorating like a day hike in the Alps. Easily one of the highlights in the current Jade collection. 68% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... "Absinthe Terminus Oxygénée is the final release in the Jade Absinthe portfolio of historically accurate Absinthes. It is a very special Absinthe, as it plays homage to one of the most interesting Absinthes of the Belle Époque era: Absinthe Oxygénée. This brand separated itself from its peers by a specialized hot oxygenation production process. This treatment was advertised as being “Hygiénique”, because drinking a glass of this Absinthe would not extract oxygen from the blood but rather add oxygen to it, which would have a healing effect on the nerve system, circulation and lungs… In a way, this new production method was a reaction to several scientists and scholars proclaiming that alcohol, and absinthe above all – the scapegoat of the French wine industry – was very dangerous to consumers’ health. Besides being good for your health, this claim was actually also used for advertisement “C´est ma santé” the oxygenation process also lets the Absinthe age very quickly. You can compare it with decanting a wine, allowing oxygen to mix with the molecules of the spirit changing its taste and aroma. The result is a very smooth Absinthe without any alcoholic sharpness. The original brand was the subject of widespread publicity, sold at a premium, and was exported to various ports around the globe. Nevertheless, Cusenier was not the only producer of an oxygenated Absinthe. Premier Fils, another French Absinthe manufacturer also offered an Absinthe Oxygéneé.

Jade Terminus Oxygénée Absinthe Supérieure is artisanally distilled from the same botanicals as the original. The taste is herbal, slightly reminding of medicine due to a healthy dose of a particularly interesting species of wormwood harvested from the foothills of the Alps. True to the original, the final product is also subjected to a hot oxygenation process that closely mirrors the original technique. On the tongue, the Absinthe is creamy, features potent aromatics and a lengthy, stimulating herbal aftertaste. Like all the Jade Absinthes, Terminus Oxygénée is carefully distilled by T. A. Breaux, using the original 19th century Absinthe alembics in the historical Combier distillery. Terminus Oxygénée Absinthe represents the most powerful expression of the spirits in the Jade portfolio." - www.alandia.de/