Bardstown Bourbon Co. Discovery Series #9 Blended American Whiskey (750ml)
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Bardstown Bourbon Co. Discovery Series #9 Blended American Whiskey (750ml)

$240. 00
$2880.00 Dozen
ABV: 56.25%

A blend with the majority sourced from Georgia (35%), then Kentucky (31%), 17 year old Tennessee whiskey (19%), and Canadian whiskey (15%) making up the remainder. The flavours here seem to sit on the fence. At first it feels more like a corn-heavy Bourbon, then the rye ups the ante. Medium dry flavours pack decent concentration, trailing off with vanilla bean, peppery warmth and lots of bittersweet mint chocolate. Fades dryish, medium long and oaky. 56.25% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... Toastier and woodier than Discovery #8, this blend has a bit more gravity and a considerably different — albeit still engaging — character. Malty and a bit bready on the nose, the whiskey moves over time from a pastoral aroma to one that is somewhat austere and a bit leathery. Much of that follows over to the palate, where the malty elements soon give way to a sharp citrus character, orange and lemon peel, then tobacco and more spice notes. This feels surprisingly hotter than #8, despite being lower in proof. Red pepper gives the finish some lingering burn, with cloves, ginger, and sesame oil coming on strong. Overall, it’s a bold and somewhat burly whiskey that offers plenty to love — if you can take the heat. 112.5 proof. -