Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey (700ml)
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Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey (700ml)

$109. 99
$1319.88 Dozen
ABV: 50%

" can buy me a dozen of these roses any day of the week." -

If you're a Bourbon drinker whose still not familiar with Four Roses, then your time has come. The brand dates back to the 1860s and was one of the few to survive Prohibition, becoming the best-selling bourbon in the U.S. through the 1930s and '50s. Decades later it was an export-only product and became difficult to procure until 2002, when Japanese brewing giant, Kirin purchased the Four Roses brand and re-introduced it to the United States.

The distillery is unique in that it uses five different yeast strains and two mash bills to create ten distinct whiskies based on ten different 'recipes'. The strain used for the Single Barrel bottlings is Four Roses' version “V” which is described as "delicately fruity, spicy, and creamy." The recipe here is referred to as 'OBSV' (60% corn, 35% rye and 5% malted barley) which emphasises delicate fruit and rye flavours. Ages vary, but will always fall somewhere between 7-9 years. Regardless, the aim is to bottle when the whiskeys are deemed to have reached their peak. Each release is individually marked with a warehouse and barrel number which is not predictable and subject to change. It's also part of the fun: No two barrels create identical bourbons, thus the single barrel concept provides the opportunity to appreciate and compare whiskies from different barrels and warehouse locations.

Our tasting of barrel RN 8-4R (and several subsequent bottlings) has found the quality to be consistently high and true to style. Four Roses Single Barrel kicks off with a robust Bourbon sniff; a dense core of vanilla custard and caramel fudge overlaid with peppermint, balsa wood, cocoa and hints of cherry. At 50% ABV, the whiskey is concentrated yet controlled with razor sharp sweet/dry balance; a burst of vanillan oak, honey and spiced peach are offset by a tangy, vibrant finish. Glace cherry is followed by late mint freshness. The poise and length are close enough to perfect, delivering as complete a Bourbon as you could expect to find in its category. That high standard was recently confirmed at the 2024 World Whisky Awards where it was judged World's Best Single Barrel Bourbon, Best Kentucky Single Barrel Bourbon and Best Kentucky Small Batch Bourbon. Brent Elliott, Master Distiller commented "Hand-selecting each barrel is a meticulous process, so to be highly awarded in both the Single Barrel and Small Batch Bourbon categories is an extraordinary honor." More reviews below.

Other reviews... brilliantly flinty nose with the Demerara sugars positively crunching under the sniff. Light golden syrup fits the bill perfectly. An immediate small grain explosion of the very highest calibre. Adorable spices wade into the sugary mix. Though there, the liquorice-hickory combination is happy to take a back seat to the heather honey; Can't get enough of that developing chocolate. The best Four Roses I have tasted in a very long time. Complexity levels are off the charts and the sugar-spice balance just can't be bettered. As breath taking as it is majestic. 95.5 points - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2024

This gently honeyed bottling is a very good example of the distillery looking tough...but being a real sweetie. 92 points - Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2023

...Full of flavor, regularly available on shelves, and a reasonable price… you can buy me a dozen of these roses any day of the week. I found this bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel OBSV to be spicier than the Four Roses Small Batch, which I normally find to be a subtle balance of sweet and I often describe as a good beginner bourbon. I’d say a good description for the standard Single Barrel offering, is that it’s the grown-up version of their small batch product. The flavor is fuller, the finish is longer... -

...'This big, sweet, warming bourbon strikes all the right chords. Sizzling sweet corn meets generous oak, like dusty old books, but the bright peach nectar, wet walnuts, and vibrant spice beam through in abundance. Unctuous and concentrated on the palate, it evokes cinnamon-dusted peach pie, with hints of clove and pepper on the finish. A solid and seamless whiskey, with fruit, floral, oak, and spice in perfect harmony. 93 points -

Double Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2023