Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey (700ml)

$54. 99 Bottle
$659.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%
For over 200 years, Buffalo Trace Distillery has been defined by a dedication to one craft: making fine bourbon whiskey. By honouring tradition and embracing change, Buffalo Trace has earned its place of leadership among the legendary spirits makers of the world – and is now recognised as the World’s Most Awarded Distillery.

Made from Kentucky and Indiana corn, selected rye, and superior malted barley, all bourbon produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery is aged in century-old warehouses. Constructed of massive wood beams and covered by a brick shell, these structures allow the alternating cooling and warming of Kentucky's four distinct seasons to mature the bourbon by nature's timetable. Steam pumped throughout the warehouses during the extreme cold of winter compensates for the dramatic drops in temperature and gives the whiskey additional cycles in and out of the wood. This is said to make for a more balanced bourbon as the liquid is able to take additional advantage of the natural sugars occurring in the charred barrels. The distillery was the first to use this method of aging in 1859 and has been doing so ever since.

The warehouses were built in the 1900s (some as early as 1903) and represent a variety of architectural styles. Consequently, their designs and location on the property contribute to the significant differences in the whiskey coming from each. Certain floors within a given warehouse produce better whiskey than others do. For example, the fourth and fifth floors of Warehouse C and the fourth through sixth floors of Warehouses I and K produce the company's best. It's these locations which have been reserved for the maturation of Buffalo Trace.