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Archie Rose Single Malt Australian Whisky (700ml)

Sydney, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
$125. 00
$1500.00 Dozen
ABV: 46%

Launched in late September 2020, Archie Rose's first single malt arrives almost six years after the Sydney based distillery began producing spirits. Says Master Distiller, Dave Withers, “We’ve spent an enormous amount of time in research and development and, as is obvious from the six-year gap from commencing distilling to releasing this whisky, we had no intention of rushing a spirit to market as quickly as possible. We took our time, refined our processes, waited for the spirit to be at its best and believe we have made something truly unique, that speaks to the land and materials it was created from.”

The whisky employs not one but six malts, each with a unique profile and character. These include Australian Pale Malt, Peated Malt, Amber Malt, Caramel Malt, Aromatic Roasted Malt and Local NSW Chocolate Malt. The six-malt mash bill provides a richer and more expressive flavour. The whisky is matured predominantly in 100, 200 and 300-litre Australian apera (sherry) casks, complemented by a selection of x-bourbon barrels and Archie Rose’s own 36-month air dried ex-rye casks, each coopered with a specific balance of both char and toast. “Toasting casks is well understood in the wine world but less thoroughly explored in distilling. The lower heat and longer duration toasting process penetrates further into the oak of the cask and offers an entirely different level of complexity than casks that only feature a more traditional char” says Withers.

Clearly Archie Rose have gone beyond the call of duty in the creation of this malt, and even a 15ml sample manages to impress. The aromas are charged with roasted coffee bean, dark chocolate and toasted barley character, along with a vaguely grainy / herbal / dried fruit lift - probably from the unusual maturation mix that includes x-rye whisky barrels. Loaded with similar notes on the palate, it unfolds in a thick, chewy delivery glazing the tongue with sweet malt, caramel fudge and vanilla, tempered by a zip of spice in a lengthy aftertaste that adds hints of toasted oak, rye and liquorice. Complex and full of personality, it's unquestionably one of Australia’s best singles - but at the time of writing, supply remains erratic with production limited to around 3000 bottles per batch.

Other reviews... Expectations were high when the single malt was released, and it doesn’t disappoint. The signature chocolatey, cocoa character comes from the unique six malt mash bill. Top that with maturation in ex-apera, Bourbon and Archie Rose’s own ex-rye whisky casks, and this is a delicious experience. Fascinating to see just how influential this whisky becomes over the next few years. - ozwhiskyreview.com