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Lady of the Glen Single Casks Direct Import Offer

Gregor Hannah is a new entrant to the whisky market, having worked to set up his company based in Fife since 2009. He was first attracted to whisky through his father, who was a bagpiper who used to receive bottles of thanks for piping at weddings. The collection became an early source of inspiration. Now the director of 'Hannah Whisky Merchants', Gregor is building a reputation as an independent bottler of single cask whiskies under the Lady of the Glen brand.

Says Gregor, "I believe the role of a good independent bottler is not just to release a cask unless it’s really, really high-quality. You want to take the casks and put your own character on it. You want to finish it or rerack it, to produce something that is truly unique because that’s the beauty of independent bottling... In each outrun I try to follow a guideline of one affordable release, one sherried release and one release over 15 years old. This is an attempt to try to appeal to different buyers but it’s not always possible meet this criteria. Once I have these three categories ticked off, I’ll release other stock alongside them."

The current collection is as successful as any we can recall. Gregor Hannah is clearly a dab hand when it comes to selecting and finishing some stand-out casks.