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From village Mezcals to top shelf Tequila this is the place to buy hard-to-find tequilas and mezcals online.
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Currently there are over 100 registered Tequila distilleries producing around 800 certified brands. It can be bewildering trying to decide which to choose, so it is important to know what to look for to get the best product for your money. In general, Tequila labelled "100% agave" means superior quality, flavour and purity of spirit that has also been approved by a government inspector. Without this label, cane sugars are used in the fermentation process to produce much of the alcohol, but none of the flavour. In addition, such tequila can legally be mixed up to 49 per cent with other ingredients and still be called Tequila. At Nicks Wine Merchants, we prefer to stock only the genuine article so when you buy tequila online, you receive a quality product.

Mezcal is currently undergoing its own revolution in popularity and like tequila, similar standards for its production have now been established. Mezcal has remained closer to its origins as a drink of villagers and artisan producers, persisting with tradition, as only mezcal can be made. It differentiates itself from tequila by a countrified approach taken by the distillers in the Oaxaca region (pronounced 'wa-ha-ka') who today produce around 60% of the total Mezcal output. It achieved Denominacion de Origen status in 2005. Unlike tequila, which employs only the Weber variety from fields around Jalisco, there are eleven types of agave, collectively known as ‘Maguey’ which are permitted in mezcal, such as the widely cultivated ‘Espadin’ or ‘Manso’ varieties and the more sought after wild ‘Tobala’ - the trophy of the mezcal world. Unlike tequila, mezcal is required to be at least 80% pure blue agave (tequila only 51%).
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