Corte Vetusto Ancestral Single Agave Joven Mezcal (700ml)
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Corte Vetusto Ancestral Single Agave Joven Mezcal (700ml)

Oaxaca, MEXICO
$275. 00
$3300.00 Dozen
ABV: 49%

The name Corte Vetusto translates as "Ancient Cut" and comes from an old story about a Master Mezcalero’s desire to create a mezcal so divine that it invoked the spirit of generations before him. The brand currently makes three different Mezcals. Tasted from a 15ml sample, the 'Ancestral' offers an intense and ashy experience that builds with oily, mouth-filling flavours of resin, pine needles, smoked herbs, char grilled vegetables, peppercorns and bicycle tube with mineral and smoke lingering in a drying, roasted agave finish. Produced from Mexicano agaves, sourced from Sonura south to Oaxaca, mostly in the foothills, the varieties used under this label are subject to change. 49% Alc./Vol.