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Clase Azul Durango Joven Mezcal (700ml)

$399. 00
$4788.00 Dozen
ABV: 44%
From a brand better known for tequila comes this amazing Mezcal - and for some afficionados, it's their absolute favourite. Produced in Durango from the Cenizo agave variety, which needs around 10-15 years to mature, this takes the heirloom spirit to new heights without compromising traditional practice. The agaves are milled by hand, rather than using a donkey and tahona, and the spirit is aged (or rested) for five years in glass demijohns before bottling.

The stunning decanter is made of a volcanic material and hand crafted, while the lid is made by Huichol artisans in a style called 'Chaquira' whereby all the beads are individually stuck on by hand. A must for any bar or collection.
Very limited stocks.

Tasting note: [10ml sample] Clear. Sweetly smokey with suggestions of smoldering cedar, menthol rub, peppercorns and bicycle tube. Silky, tactile and surprisingly elegant for mezcal, with a slow crescendo of smokey, ashy, oily agave flavours and a creamy-yet-fresh finish. Grilled capsicum, barbecue char, white pepper and rubber mingle in the medium long aftertaste. Complex and seamlessly integrated. 44% Alc./Vol.