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Apart from the wonderful experience of drinking liqueurs straight or on the rocks, liqueurs today have endless applications in cocktails and cooking. We cover all categories including liqueurs produced from fruits, nuts, herbs, flowers, coffee and chcocolate. Nicks Wine Merchants also continue to import many liqueurs otherwise unavailable in Australia. Can't find it here? Give us a call on 1800 069 295 and we'll try to track it down. Click here to learn more about Liqueurs or subscribe to our Spirits and Liqueurs Email Newsletter to keep up to date with new arrivals, tastings, special offers and more.

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Hundreds of exotic liqueurs to choose from!

If you're looking to diversify your bar or innovate your cocktail repertoire, there's no need to limit yourself to liqueur classics. Think of almost any flavour and there's probably a liqueur to match. Cocktails can take new directions and reach new heights. Consider a liqueur as an alternative dessert option. Also check out new and innovative expressions from Australian distilleries.

Buy liqueurs online and have them delivered.

When you buy liqueurs online from Nicks Wine Merchants you can have them delivered to most of Australia. We also taste and / or provide third party reviews on many items to further guide you in your purchase.