Chartreuse Cuvee des MOFS Liqueur (700ml)

Voiron, FRANCE
$134. 99
$1619.88 Dozen
ABV: 45%

A rare event took place in 2008. The Carthusian order (guardians of Chartreuse secrets) opened their spiritual and spirituous sanctuary to a handful of outsiders. Not just any outsiders, but a delegation of sommeliers who had been elected ‘Meilleurs Ouvrier de France’,(a unique competition created by the French, to celebrate the best in each category of Trade). While not revealing any of their secrets, the monks allowed them to collaborate in the creation of a masterpiece that resulted in the crafting of a new Chartreuse. The cuvee MOF is a take on the yellow Chartreuse, even more singular and easily recognisable, achieving the uncanny symbiosis between onctuosity, freshness and power.