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Chartreuse Yellow Liqueur (700ml)

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$1199.88 Dozen
ABV: 43%

One of the liqueur immortals, Chartreuse is the product of monks from the Carthusian Order who originated the product at their establishment in the French Alps called “Grande Chartreuse”. The Order was banished from France to Spain just after the turn of the century, and at Tarragona they again set up with their secret formula compounded of elixirs from 130 odd and rare herbs, water, sugar and fine spirits. (The production has since returned to France). Green Chartreuse (55% alc./vol.) is most pungent and expensive. Yellow Chartreuse, first produced in 1838, is just as good though milder, sweeter, more approachable and more aromatic. It is not only invaluable as a liqueur with coffee, but is the final decoration for a Gin daisy and other delicate drinks. However, it's probably most often drunk on its own or with ice. Alternatively, it makes a refreshing Summer sipper mixed with tonic.

Other reviews... The sweeter side of Chartreuse. This golden liqueur is bright and sweet with a honeyed character — one that can come across as thick and unctuous when consumed solo. The herbal profile is comparatively restrained, but saffron immediately pops out on both nose and palate. Notes of vanilla, orange peel, and some baking spices pick up from there, though the saffron-infused honey elements ultimately dominate. A gorgeous and versatile cocktail ingredient that lets you add sweetness and nuance without simple syrup. - drinkhacker.com

[40% ABV bottling tasted] ...The nosing passes pick up smells of aniseed, cardamom, licorice, hay, white pepper, floral/viny scents along with coriander, sage, and thyme. The palate entry is sweet, floral, peppery, and viny; the midpalate features fennel, rosemary, allspice, and bark. Ends up herbal sweet. - 92 points - wineenthusiast.com