Cardamaro Amaro (750ml)
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Cardamaro Amaro (750ml)

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ABV: 17%

An amaro made using Moscato wine with a key ingredient being artichoke thistle (aka 'cardoon', 'cardone' or 'cardoni'); It is the one and only wine-based amaro and the only one to employ Nizza Monferrato Cardoon - a winter vegetable similar to celery, but belonging to the artichoke family. After maceration is complete, the liquid is rested in oak for six months before bottling. Deep polished copper in colour, the aromas suggest citrus zest, gentian, pine wood, liquorice root and peppermint. The palate isn't heavy or particularly bitter - more medium-bodied, fresh and Vermouth-like with a zesty, pleasingly bitter, warming spice and quinine finish that also hints at bergamot, herbal teas and citrus. A delicious pre-dinner drink or refresher, but also sought out for its medicinal qualities, other ingredients include calumba, juniper, Gentiana Lutea berries, cloves, liquorice root, cardamom, lemon peel and marjoram cultivated in Piedmont. 17% Alc./Vol.

Notes from the producers... On the nose it is strong and complex, thanks to the blend of the various extracts and the long ageing process. Spicy notes of Hunchback Cardoon, Gentiana, clary sage and liquorice are prominent; hints of dried fruit, grapes and ginger also emerge. The taste is sweet, full and well-orchestrated flavour reflecting the extraordinary balance between the sweet note, the bitter quality of some of the officinal herbs and the pleasant tastiness of the wine. The tasting experience is unique, with pleasantness unmatched by any other amaro, thanks to the moderate alcohol content. The long-lasting aftertaste retains the complexity and spicy notes of the herbs, with a slight hint of tobacco.