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New Douglas Laing Selections

The Douglas Laing bottlings have always sold at a steady pace and it's no wonder. Compare the prices to many official distillery bottlings with similar (or lesser) credentials and you'll understand why whisky lovers get excited about this range. Like most independents, Douglas Laing take the selection process beyond the norm, sourcing single casks (usually yielding less than 400 bottles), ensuring the end result is an all-natural malt, bottled at or close to natural strength and with zero chill filtration. The latter, to our tastes, is not just another of those hackneyed whisky terms which never meant much in the first place. Non chill filtration typically retains a richer, 'fluffier', more sumptuous texture in whisky. Sometimes an oily characteristic becomes salient. That 'something extra' is evident in all the Douglas Laing's we've tasted to date, often setting them apart from standard distillery expressions. For drinkers and collector's who are interested in all tiers of Douglas Laing's current collection, the entry level range is the Provenance label always bottled at 46% ABV, followed by the Old Particular bottlings (close to and sometimes Cask Strength), and finally completed with the XOP (Xtra Old Particular) bottlings. These are the "family jewels", always Cask Strength and always bottled after at least two decades in cask, often more. Most stocks are extremely limited and cannot be repeated.