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New Carn Mor Strictly Limited Releases PLUS Morrison Blends & Mystery Islay Single Malts

Morrison Distillers are really moving. After a re-brand in 2020, they now boast a range of labels that should appeal to whisky enthusiasts of every level. Starting with their blended 'Old Perth' range and undisclosed Islay Single Malt offerings called Mac-Talla, they continue with their Carn Mor "Strictly Limited" series (all bottled at 47.5%). Add to the above a new distillery, 'Aberagie', and Morrison also have their own single malt - although that's still some years away.

The latest outturn comes in the handsome, new embossed bespoke bottles and again includes a diverse selection of whiskies from 'Strictly Limited' finished in x Bourbon barrels as well as a range of sherry casks. The company currently owns enough stocks to never have to bottle a single malt they don't feel 100% comfortable with, which, in the Scotch Whisky industry is considered a luxury. While considerable investment has been made into finishing casks, starting off with good liquid remains primary. As usual, most items are extremely limited.