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Claxton's Direct Imports

Claxton's represents one of the best indie selections we've tasted in recent times. This family run, Yorkshire-based company is no different to other good indies; They bottle all-natural single cask whiskies and have been passionate collectors for decades. Since 2015, family members have been meeting together to decide what gets bottled (naturally, elders get the final vote). What sets Claxton's apart is a quality / price ratio that more than a few independents have lost sight of. Given the current exchange rate, the value really is remarkable (direct import pricing has helped further sharpen the deal).

Two labels make up the cask strength offerings: the Warehouse No.1 range presents top tier bottlings from Claxton’s stone dunnage warehouse. The Warehouse No.8 label (so named because it contains predominantly octaves and smaller casks types) covers exceptionally small outturns, often in the range of just 60-70 bottles. All are bottled ‘in house’ at Dalswinton Bond on the estate in the Lowlands. Presented in heavy-set rectangular decanters, all whiskies are natural strength, non chill filtered and come with the highest recommendation.

The third label, the Exploration Series, are tailored to a slightly different audience - those new to indie bottlings or looking to explore the diversity of single malts at a more accessible price point. Company Director, Tom Roskams points out, "We still get a lot of established whisky enthusiasts and 'whisky pro's' who enjoy drinking the Exploration Series as the quality remains extremely high and our benchmark for quality and reputation in the market is considered very high." Most whiskies are finishes or full-term matured in sweet wine casks which tends to temper and soften rather than smother, making these young malts incredibly approachable. All are non chill filtered and available at direct import prices.

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