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French Wine - Buy Online in Australia from Vintage Direct

Nicks Wine Merchants continue to ship wines across Australia from Europe and in particular France, as we have done for many decades. It’s always a pleasure to discover something new in the world of wine, as it is to renew many of our old acquaintances with Chateau owners and negociants. Our objective is to find value for money wines with flavour profiles that are not easily found in Australia. We endeavour to deal directly whenever possible, cutting out the wholesalers, meaning our direct imports frequently offer outrageous value for money.
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You can purchase French wine online through our comprehensive online store. We offer entry level  French wines all the way up to the Premier Crus. We ship French wine Australia wide and can offer free delivery on orders over $200.  We believe understanding your wine and its history adds to the enjoyment of the varying flavours so we also introduce the various estates we source from.

There are five main regions we concentrate on:


Home to many of the greatest Cabernet and Merlot based French wine in the world, as well as the finest sweet whites in the form of Sauternes.  The Bordeaux French wine trade today involves many groups, and within each there are also vast differences of scale and quality. We aim primarily to seek out the “little big ones”, those producers who are over delivering and offering wines of great typicity and value.

Rhone Valley

The Rhone Valley vineyards run in and out between hills, perching on terraces and precipitous hillsides. This region is a world in itself; but is not really a single region rather a duality. The south is considered the bargain basement for richer styled Grenache based French wines, while the north features highly refined Syrah’s. Both offer a foretaste of the vast vineyards of Provence and Languedoc, regions from which we also source from.

Loire Valley

Loire French wines imported are principally whites, primarily from a variety known as Pineau de Ia Loire or Chenin Blanc, the principal grape of Anjou and Touraine. This is a grape that develops an inimitable flavour when grown on the exceptional sites of Coteaux du Layon, and at Savennieres, Vouvray and around Saumur. Wines from Bouvet Ladubay and Moulin Touchais are stand outs. Sancerre is also sought after, as these Sauvignon Blancs offer welcome alternatives to their pungent New Zealand counterparts.


Dealing directly with Champagne houses has allowed us to take advantage of some of the finest wines in the district, less the luxury price tags. Most notable are the 100% Grand Cru offerings from Marguet which we consider amongst the very best values in Champagne available in Australia today.


With over 10,000 wine-producing enterprises in Burgundy with an average vineyard area of around 4 hectares, the image of a finely stitched tapestry applies to this dizzyingly complex region. Home to superb Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, we also deal with suppliers further north in Chablis.

As well as French wine online, we also offer a large range of Australian Shiraz and Italian wines. Complement your wine collection with a fine range of Scotch whisky. We offer single malt rare Scotch whisky, Tasmanian whisky and more. Enjoy the flavours of international wines and liquors through Nick’s Wine Merchants.