Of more than 200 Muscat grape varieties, only one is used to make Rutherglen Muscat - 'Muscat a Petits Grains Rouge' (aka Rutherglen Brown Muscat). Rarely produced as a single vintage wine, Rutherglen Muscats are blends composed from large cellar inventories and labelled under four descriptors marking a progression in richness, complexity and intensity of flavour: Rutherglen aged 3-5 years. Classic 6-10 years. Grand 11-19 years. Rare 20+ years. Pair these stunning wines with blue cheeses, quince paste and freshly shelled nuts.
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Stanton & Killeen Rutherglen Muscat (500ml)
$23.99 Bottle
Warrabilla Grand Muscat (500ml)
$59.99 Bottle
Yalumba Antique Muscat (375ml)
$19.99 Bottle
All Saints Estate Classic Muscat (500ml)
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$29.99 Bottle
Auldstone Cellars Boweya Muscat
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$16.95 Bottle
Minimum 12 bottles
Baileys Founder Liqueur Muscat (500ml)
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$16.99 Bottle
Best's St. Andrews Old Liqueur Muscat
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$14.95 Bottle
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