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Direct Import Single Grains

"I wish I had a twenty pound note for each time I had been told in recent years how much someone enjoys a single grain" says Jim Murray. We have to agree. Younger to middle age bottlings are some of the true bargains of the whisky world. Really old examples are to die for. At 30 or 40 years, these whiskies can deliver a unique experience bordering on the sublime: Complex and shifting bouquets matched by luxurious textures and sumptuous flavours falling somewhere between the finest gold Rums or Bourbons or the very, very best Irish. For almost any wood-aged spirit category (bar Armagnac) the price / age ratios are frequently astonishing. As well as a few off-the-radar bargains, our latest direct imports include the now very rare Cambus 40 year old - one of the highest scoring whiskies in Jim Murray's 2020 Bible.