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Nothing quite matches the sparkle and sensation of fine bubbles dancing across the tongue. However, not everyone can drink Champagne on a regular basis. That's why we also stock affordable, quality Loire Valley sparklings, Prosecco, Sparkling reds and more, tasting hundreds of examples each year to bring you the best at any given price point.

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French Champagne is not an everyday luxury for many. Thankfully, over the past few decades the production of Sparkling Wine in Australia has made a quantum leap, and to be fair, much of the increased quality is because of the presence of French know-how. The most prestigious and expensive technique for Sparkling wine production has become known as 'Methode Champenoise' (fermentation in the bottle). As we have all learnt to our joy, sparkling wines produced by Methode Champenoise, as opposed to other techniques, invariably result in a superior drink. But it is a very difficult wine to make - costly, time consuming, even risky.

The two key grape varieties employed are Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, though warmer regions may favour others. Chardonnay gives life, acid, freshness and aging potential to methode champenoise, though care must be taken to avoid excess maturity, particularly in warmer climates, which can produce a dominant, aggressively varietal character. Warm climate Chardonnay cuvees may suffer from a narrow flavour profile, high "melony" aroma notes and lack of freshness, liveliness and length. Additionally, rich fertile soils can cause this variety to produce foliage and grassy aromas. When combined with Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay has a greater capacity to age harmoniously and for a longer time. Pinot Noir adds depth, complexity, backbone, strength, and fullness (what the French call "carpentry") to methode champenoise wines but is seldom used by itself, even in Blanc de Noirs. Contact us directly for any assistance… We taste and rate many of the bubblies before you do, meaning we help take the guesswork out of your online purchase. Call our us today on 1800 069 295 should you have any questions about our collection or click here to learn more about Sparkling wine production.