Japanese Whisky

Decades ago, both local and international interest in Japanese whisky was low, so few barrels were being laid down for extended maturation. Recent awards led to greater recognition and a massive under-supply. Nowadays, unless you visit bars or auction houses, there's usually no older stocks to sell. Global demand has been further accelerated by a collector rush, sending prices skyrocketing. Unprepared, many Japanese distilleries have discontinued their age statements, consolidating them into NAS bottlings which include younger whiskies. The dropping of age statements doesn't always translate into inferior quality. In fact, the country's best blenders have risen to the challenge of creating a great assemblage from a restricted inventory.
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The rise of Japanese whisky - a crash course in distilling and blending.

It's no surprise that Japanese distillers are winning awards, given that Japan has been making whisky since 1923. Masataka Taketsuru's early efforts are now part of whisky folklore. Visiting Scotland to undergo a crash course in the art of distilling, he spent brief periods at both Longmorn and Hazelburn. Lacking the centuries of trial and error that the Scots worked through, the nation's whisky experiment took a scientific approach early on, which later incorporated the people's cultural affinity with nature as a creative and harmonising force. Japanese whiskies differ from other styles being typically distilled from clear wort after long fermentations and matured in a diverse range of oaks, including the indigenous Mizunara. To generalise, the styles reflect the national cuisine: delicately flavoured, elegant, rarely overpowering - in short, food whiskies that also lend themselves to a warmer climate. Consumption has been almost exclusively domestic, in fact, Japan has only recently started to export to major markets like the US.

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