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Single Cask

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Single Casks make for singular whiskies.

Single Cask Single Malt is whisky drawn from just one cask, the product of just one distillation run from just one distillery. It's also usually sold at cask strength and only lightly filtered - if at all. The information on the label is typically extended to include the cask number, date of distillation, date of bottling and even the total outturn (number of bottles produced).

It's important to remember that almost everything that turns whisky into the drink we know and love takes place inside an oak barrel. And in the same way that no two trees are the same, every barrel is slightly different. Growth rings are different, porosity is different, therefore not even whisky from two barrels filled on the same day from the same still and stored side by side will necessarily taste the same.

We believe some of the most exciting and memorable whisky experiences to be had are from Single Cask bottlings. Unique and never to be repeated, they offer a glimpse into Scotch whisky in its most 'elemental' state. Companies like Cadenheads, Adelphi and Douglas Laing have consistently high quality selections which you can buy online and have delivered to most of Australia.