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Defying expectations since it was created in 2002, Octomore remains one of the most intimidating whiskies to come out of Scotland. Famous for its extreme peat, way beyond the 30ppm classification for 'Heavily Peated" malt, Master Distiller Adam Hannett has joked that it’s Bruichladdich's most undrinkable whisky: "It’s too young, too strong and too peaty." The reality is that Octomores are often surprisingly accessible. Most taster's first impressions are along the lines of "It's not as peaty as I expected". The paradox is partly explained by Bruichladdich's tall, narrow stills which create a light, elegant spirit. The heavier phenols don't climb all the way to the top so they don’t make it into the heart cut. Anywhere else, a malt peated to higher than 80ppm would be hard to swallow. And while Octomore's are generally bottled young, they're matured for just enough time to integrate the oak and alcohol so that you get a peaty distillate that retains Bruichladdich's fruity, floral and slightly maritime character. Bring it all together and you get some of the most insanely complex and fascinating smokey expressions on the market.