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NEW Indies from Mackillop's Choice and Montgomerie's

This offer features two independents that will be new to many Australian single malt fans. We encountered the Mackillop’s Choice range upon Lorne Mackillop's visit to Australia in 2008. A man among the rare number of ‘Masters of Wine’, he showcased his wares, discussing his ethos for selection. Similar to other independent bottlers of note, he searches for unique characteristics not found in distillery bottlings. Approximately 80% of the cask samples tasted are rejected. Lorne adds, “When you get a really nice cask in amongst a batch of others, it just shines out like sun from behind a cloud. It is my name on the bottle, my signature and therefore I have to be happy with it myself.” Of course, the Mackillop’s Choice whiskies reflect Lorne’s own personal preferences: Speyside and old Islay whiskies where the influence of the sea has been tempered by a honeyed richness via long maturation. Sherry oak is another subject which Lorne has a clear perspective on: “Sherry can be a blessing for whisky and a problem. It should be in balance and preserve the flavour of the whisky, not overpower it. Some samples I see are so ‘sherry-ish’ you might as well buy a bottle of oloroso and pay half the duty. As far as I’m concerned you’re buying a bottle of sherry not whisky.” The Montgomerie’s range are part of Angus Dundee’s portfolio who have 60 years experience distilling, bottling and exporting Scotch Whisky and other spirits around the world. They also own Tomintoul and Glencadam distilleries.