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House of MacDuff: The Golden Cask collection

John McDougall is something of an industry legend, consulting to famous names like Aultmore, Glenfiddich, Kilchoman and Springbank. He has been instrumental in the MacDuff family securing whiskies to bottle under their own brand name, ‘Golden Casks'. Previous to that, The House of MacDuff were primarily dealing with miniatures and ‘micro’ bottles, earning them a place in the Guinness Book of Records for "The Smallest Bottle of Whisky in the World”. With a customs approved duty free warehouse, they now market their own casks - which is how they met McDougall. Since then, he's continued to consult, helping to choose stand-out barrels and deciding when to bottle. MacDuff now concentrate on building their own brands rather than working for clients. We were so enamoured with many of their selections, we decided shipping these was obligatory. Like several other indies, they focus on x-Bourbon maturations giving the whiskies a full showing with no interference from secondary finishings. Instead, each distillery’s character is presented in high definition giving you a fabulous range of grains and malts to choose from at direct import prices.