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Glenfarclas The Family Casks Collection

Glenfarclas are in the enviable position of having eight decades of casks in storage, some of which are seasonally released under their 'Family Casks' label. The last time we imported these rarities was back in early 2019. In the interim, they've been available via the official importer, however prices have been steadily increasing to the point where they no longer seemed viable. After months of negotiating and many more months of waiting we've managed to secure a sherry enthusiasts dream; most whisky's are drawn from very active single sherry butts and hogsheads with a smattering of refill rounding them out. With the majority bottled in 2022, distilled dates vary from as far back as 1966 and through to 2007. Demand for the Family Cask collection continues to be strong. Glenfarclas have even stopped issuing tasting notes for the various casks. Instead, they literally reserve every last drop for the whisky trade. Several vintages are increasingly rare even in the distillery’s warehouses and may represent their final stocks. It should be noted that these whiskies are vintage, then cask No. specific. More than one cask may be released under the one vintage so refer to cask numbers if you're searching for specific reviews. As usual, all come bottled from single casks at natural strength and presented in bespoke timber boxes. You can read more about the history of this series below. 

The Family Casks Collection has become a minor phenomenon that magnetises buyers from the very finest bars and whisky shops around the globe. Commencing in 2007 as 43 single casks spanning five decades, George Grant speaks candidly about the collection that came about after a high profile rival (Macallan) released a similar range circa 2005, boasting only they had the inventory to pull it off. With six generations of family pride at stake, Grant launched his own liquid genealogy. An exercise in one-upmanship became an ongoing concern after a single bar in Japan purchased 178 bottles. Over 380 bottlings later, more than one collector has followed suit securing complete sets. Grant remains emphatic that these are for people who buy and drink whisky but concedes, “Whisky is now deemed as a safe investment. Look at the past 10 years and it outstrips everything – property, oil, you name it.” Grant also admits this project isn’t sustainable.

Will we be able purchase the Family Casks again? Probably. However, from here on in the whiskies will be younger or the prices higher. Or both. Unless we get lucky. Remember, few whisky producers on the planet are able to boast an inventory like this. The Family Casks are already in league with Macallan and Springbank et al. as some of the most prized liquid investments of tomorrow. Secure yours while the opening prices hold.