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Henri Boillot

Domaine Henri Boillot produce some of the most profound and impressive wines of Burgundy. Known primarily for their exploits with white wines from the Cote de Beaune, increasingly the reds have received greater focus from Henri's son Guillaume, and they're now garnering the attention they rightly deserve. Boillot has a reputation for impressive, powerful wines, and while they still are, recent refinement in harvest dates and more intelligent oak use has allowed more precision and nuance to be displayed.

On offer are the latest releases from Henri Boillot covering both the 2020 and 2021 vintages. While these two seasons couldn't be further from each other in weather events, they also demonstrate how Guillaume and Henri Boillot are operating at the top of their game currently. The 2020 season was hot and dry, and presented the team with little disease pressure, granting the wines an easy vinification. Less new oak was used with both reds and whites, and the wines are right in the ballpark style for Boillot, deep and richly fruited, yet a thread of raciness is found in both colours. In contrast, 2021 started with frost damage and they were constantly challenged by disease pressure through the season. Strict selection from the drastically reduced yields, near zero new oak use on the white wines and none on the reds, along with other winemaking tweaks has been rewarded with a set of outstanding wines. Both reds and whites are spotless, sleek yet generous, and lacking none of the fireworks this domaine is known for.

These are class leading examples from one of the most admired domaines in Burgundy, and as you would expect, stocks are extremely limited.